Why We Moved to Hong Kong

Just, if you were wondering this was not a decision based on a whim we had a few reasons why we made the move and here it is.


More Opportunities

First off we are from Texas not quite an exciting place to live. We wanted to get out there and explore the world. Back home I didn't really feel inspired and was in a rut. I worked for TSA at Homeland Security, in the airport at the International Terminal. Seeing all those people come and go on vacations I couldn't afford got me thinking that I could possible move someplace else and see something different.



Easier to Find Jobs

So when I proposed this to my husband he was all for it but first we needed to find jobs. So I researched the easiest jobs to get overseas. Teaching was the easiest. We were looking into different countries that had a high hire rate for teaching jobs. But my father in law suggested Hong Kong since his wife had spent a few years working there. So we decided to go on a holiday there to figure out if it was a good fit.



More Things To Do

Hong Kong has beaches, mountains, and city what more of a variety could you ask for? So you could go hiking one day the next day go sun bathe at the beach and later that afternoon you can enjoy the nightlife in the city.  Hong Kong is a very group centered community they love doing activities you can do with groups so there is always something going on somewhere.




Hong Kong is a hub for travel. You can easily go to all the countries around it and explore without breaking the bank. You can go to Japan, Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea or any of the surrounding countries. We went to Japan for under $130 USD per person.

Chinese Culture


Also moving to Hong Kong we are able to immerse ourselves in their culture. Everyday is a learning opportunity. We have been here so long we are even learning some of the language just by daily life. Hong Kong culture is a bit different from Chinese culture but still very interesting.



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