How to get a Teaching Job in Hong Kong

So when I first moved to Hong Kong I didn't have a job yet and was stressing and this is what I did to make some cash, and have some steady income.

First of all the easiest way to get a job in Hong Kong is through teaching English as a NET (Native English Teacher) My experience was that I had met a recruiter online and he got me paired up with an agency that got my foot in the door.

There are three different types of places you can work, a learning center, kindergarten or a school. I was able to get a job in a learning centre as my first job in Hong Kong. You need to be wary of the learning centres make sure you research them some are not that reputable and are just money grab centres, the classes are mostly geared around what can make them the most money. But there are many good centres you just need to know where to look. There are not many benefits working here, working hours start at 9am and you leave around 7-8pm for most centres, and you only get the government holidays, in my opinion kindergartens are the way to go when it comes to benefits.

Kindergartens, there are many of these everywhere but a bit harder to get into if you don't have "Hong Kong" teaching experience I've been in Hong Kong 2 years and am now able to get this job They have more benefits than centres you have more holiday and better working hours.

Lastly, schools very hard to get into if you don't have any experience or a masters degree but they pay a very pretty penny and have many benefits.

So to get a teaching job there are a few places to look online like the online job posting sites:


But what happened to me is I found a local English teacher on Periscope who worked for a recruitment agency. Just make sure you research and know everything you need to know about getting a job because you have to get a visa which can be quite a daunting task. 

If you have no experience teaching in Hong Kong they will put you anywhere it is quite hard to get a job in a decent school without the experience or a masters degree in early childhood education (PGDE or PGCE). So I grabbed the first job I could get because it took a couple of weeks to find a place that would take me with no experience. If you go through an agency they will give you a contract make sure you read it carefully.

Most places will help you get a work visa. After I signed the contract they set up all the necessary paperwork to start the visa process. I thought it was quite odd that they don't do the visa before you move over, but it seems like that is how it is done in most places in Hong Kong. 

Just please make sure you research the job before hopping on a plane over. 

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