Rugby 7s Survival Guide in Hong Kong

This is my first time going to a sporting event of this magnitude. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the Rugby 7s in Hong Kong.


First and foremost you need to get your tickets. You need to get ahead of the game and order them fast, they sell out quite quickly. Where to find these tickets? You can go online to ticketing website and find them at quite reasonable prices. I found mine on Viagogo for $756HKD. (Sunday only) I have to pick up the tickets at the stadium. Get there early you need to get a good seat.


Get Rest

Do not go out during the week, you are going to need your rest and strength for those three days coming up.Trust me you will be tired afterward.



Get your costume in advance. Always be prepared do not get your costumes last minute or you might not be able to find what you want. I have found a few areas where you can find costumes, in Ladies Market in Mong Kok there is a costume shop with a plethora of things. In Hong Kong Island on Pottinger Street, there is what looks like a costume shop market where most people go get their costumes.



Hydration is key. When at the 7s you should bring with you a lot of water. You need to keep hydrated you have a long three days ahead.



Eat beforehand, this is very important, you do not want to be waiting in the queue for overpriced food during the matches. You can just pop into the Wellcome or Park N Shop for a quick but cheap bite to eat. I promise you it will be so much cheaper than stadium food.



After all the fun in the sun, the night time comes and we all need to find a place to keep the party going. Wan Chai has the best deals and attracts the visitors while LKF is an absolute drunk fest with people crowding into the streets for three days straight depending what you're into.