Our Trip to Big Buddha In Hong Kong

We love going on excursions even if they are a bit on the touristy side which I usually hate because of so many people. Big Buddha was quite a treat we will show you the process of getting there and what to do.



So when going to Big Buddha there are a few ways to get there by bus, taxi, or cable car we chose the later. So we made our way towards Tung Chung MTR station and took exit B. When exiting you will walk to the Ngong Ping cable car expect a long queue. I recommend you buy tickets in advance online with Viagogo and is a bit cheaper or you will be waiting awhile.  There are two options for the cable car, the normal ride or the Crystal cable car where you can look out the bottom of the cab the cost is $260HKD with the crystal one you get VIP bracelets. The view from the cable cars is amazing I recommend you do this.

After our long ride up you come to this little village with shops and things to buy. We stopped at this restaurant where we ate some spicy noodles and rice very delicious. But, the restaurants can be a bit pricey because of where they are so if you are wanting to save a bit bring snacks. When walking around we met some of the local livestock and took some selfies. There are a bunch of vendors selling things so there is no lack in souvenirs to bring home, and you will not go hungry.



Once you pass all the shops there is an area there are all these sculptures that you pass on your way to Big Buddha. When you see the expanse of how big this sculpture is you are in awe.  There are 268 steps to go up to get to the big man. We start up the immense steps, halfway up you look up and it looks as if it is never ending, when we get to the top it is well worth it. The view is quite a sight to behold. Inside the Buddha, there is a temple to pray in. you can walk around all 360 degrees of the sculpture.


After going to see the Buddha we took our time walking down. There is a place where you can buy incense sticks to burn on the grounds, so we bought some huge ones, and burned them and placed them in the ashes. In the same area, there are a bunch of temples you can go to, with very ornate detail on the architecture.


The last cable car ride leaves at 6 pm so don't be distracted too long but don't fret, if you miss it there are other ways to get back to civilization.

Here's a video from our excursion take a look, and take a look at our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button!