I Went to the Rugby Sevens Last Minute, See What Happened


Hello again so, a few weeks ago I went to the Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong. Come see What all the fuss is about. Keep in mind I did this all on a whim, I booked tickets a day before I threw together a random costume from things I had in the house, and the only thing I was prepared with was my camera and batteries. Sometimes when having no plans is the best plan.


So, the Sevens was quite an event to behold. It is essentially an exhibition tournament for Rugby with every single country with a rugby team represented. The games lasted 15 minutes a piece. This is very short in terms of rugby matches



When I arrived at Hong Kong stadium you could feel the pride of each country emulated by the fans, you could hear them roaring as you walked in. Looking around you see everybody dressed in costumes. The fans go all out and dress in very silly costumes that have nothing to do with rugby I found it quite odd, every so often you would see people wearing their country flag.

When I arrived I started in the south stand, which is known to get very rowdy and rambunctious as they matches go on. It's a very big party atmosphere in the south stands. It is a big mash of people dancing and conversing in outrageous costumes. This is a great event to go people watching.

So midway through the matches, I posted a picture to Instagram here it is below.


As you can see by the comments in the post, I was contacted by Marriott and asked to receive a free upgrade from general admission to an executive suite. I wasn't going to pass up on this opportunity. 


At 4:30 I walked over to the booth and one of their agents walked me up to the suite. The access to the suites was under lock and key you need an authorized badge to beep in to get past security. 

We walked down this long hallway and Marriott was at the end of all the suites. We were greeted by a very friendly woman who gave me a wristband and a lei. Their customer service was very good it felt like we were friends.  The agent gave me a grand tour of all the things they had to offer and was really friendly.


When entering the suite you see two personal massage chairs for people to use, next to the massage tables was an open bar where you could order anything you want. The suite had two rooms.


Next door there were many things to do the had a face painting station where people were using it to put their team that they were rooting for on their face. They also had a station where you could make your own custom bags by using paint and stamps that were rugby themed.

Last but not least there was catered food that consisted of a bunch of desserts. fries, and fruit jelly cups. It was delicious. After I was done in the suite I walked out to the box seats it was quite a view, you could see the stadium on all side 360-degree view. It was the most amazing experience.

I stayed there the rest of the matches.It was quite a unique experience.


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