Where to Find Invader's Street Art in Hong Kong

Welcome back so a few weeks back I found out that the street artist Invader "invaded" Hong Kong last year, so I decided to check it out. Here are some of the things I found. I heard there were about twenty of them in Tsim Sha Tsui area in Harbor City. Harbor City is a gigantic mall that borders the harbor hence the name. 

So first I ventured out there via double decker bus and got an awesome view from the top level, On my way there I actually spotted another streets artist's work Shepard Fairey, you might know him from the Obey posters. The 1 bus from Mong Kok will drop you off at the Star Ferry dock as the last stop. This is right next to Harbour City. So i found a bunch of different pieces of art strategically placed all over the area. I found a list online of all the existing Invader artwork in Hong Kong as found by a local periscoper Penguin6. Will link the list below if you are keen to go searching.

As you walk along the dock there is a huge Pac Man art piece you cant miss it.


I stated thinking of what areas that could be away from people to not be noticed to be doing art. So I headed to the parking garages and found a couple more and invader shopping and a mermaid shopping shown below. When I was looking for certain ones they would just pop up on me when I wasn't expecting, it was like a treasure hunt, actually it was. It was so much fun finding these hidden gems in the city.


So you keep walking along the pier towards Harbour City mall go inside and you will see another one of his pieces above the information desk. When outside I saw a few on the roof of the parking lot for the cruise line customers so I ventured out that way to check them out. You will find a piece with eyes a camera and an OK hands emoji as you come up to the top floor. It was a beautiful view so I ventured around a bit more and found a few more pieces shown below. I also put my drone up over the area its a very beautiful area for drone shots, but be aware that security doesn't like it too much. 


There were a few of them peppered throughout the mall, I couldn't even start to tell you where to find them, I got lost looking for them. At the street entrance I found that he had stuck a few space invader stickers on the back of of a intersection street sign. It is so fun looking for these things everywhere. On the same street I found the stickers down at the main entrance of Harbour City I found a huge one shown below, and also some Pacman characters.


I love how when I wasn't looking for them I would just happen upon them. On this day I walked home and found one last one just three blocks from where I live. I found out later that Invader had a deal with Harbour City to keep all the art safe. I'm glad more people are becoming open minded to street art.




Here is the list I promised you.


Up above is the full Invader art list in Hong Kong, some are destroyed so please make sure not to go to those. Please come and check out our YouTube channel.

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