10 Free things to do in Hong Kong on a lazy Sunday

So I've found myself wondering what there is to do in Hong Kong that is free. Like most people, I don't want to spend my money all the time, so I will show you.


1. PingPong/ Table Tennis

There are many of these tables all around Hong Kong. The leisure department in Hong Kong has made these available for everyone to use for free.



There are many skateparks scattered all over Hong Kong. They are in Lai Chi Kok, Diamond Hill, Yuen Long Fanling, Tsuen Kwan O go take a venture there.



This is a good free way to keep fit if you are up for it. Hong Kong has many hiking trails, including the most famous one Dragons Back, a 4km hike but with beautiful views. Just make sure to bring a lot of water if going in the summer it gets quite hot that time of year.





4.Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of the biggest parks in Hong Kong, you can find a skating rink, tennis courts, and all else you could need.


5.Ride the Ding Ding


The Ding Ding, which gets its nickname from the sound it makes, is a double-decker tram which is located On Hong Kong island isn't free but is very cheap, it costs $2.30 HKD. This is my favorite form of transportation, this is my go to lazy Sunday activity.

6.Picnic in Nursery Park

This is one of the many free parks Hong Kong has to offer but this park is the perfect place to have a picnic since you can see the towering skyscrapers and the harbor, quite a scenic view. Also, a perfect place to take some selfies.


7.Visit the Temples

Hong Kong has a plethora of temples waiting to be explored. You will find many offerings inside, you can even buy some incense to light. When entering these sacred grounds please do not bother the people inside, respect them by refraining from taking photographs or video.


8.light show

If you are up for some nighttime adventure, head on over to the harbor on Hong Kong Island and view the light show across the water. 


9. Play a pickup game of basketball

All over Hong Kong, there are many free basketball courts where you can join in a game or two. Just go to the nearest one and have a ball.

10. Cat Street

Browse the infamous Cat Street where you can find Chinese antiques for a very reasonable price.


If all else fails go people watching, my favorite past time.