Top 5 Places To Eat Healthy on a Budget in Hong Kong

For me it is a challenge in general to eat healthy when I was back in USA, but eating healthy in a foreign country is another ball game. First of all you have you find out where to eat and also what to eat the food is very different from back home.

So what I had to do is start from scratch and look all around the area I live in for healthy places to eat which is quite hard to find since it is very easy to find greasy unhealthy food. So there are a few places I have found have saved me in my journey to eating clean in Hong Kong, it has been quite a task.

Pret A Manager


This is a UK based restaurant, with a lot of healthy options. These restaurants are mostly on Hong Kong Island with a few in Kowloon. 

Salads for 55 HKD

Sushi salad 41 HKD (for you sushi lovers)

Pressed juices from 16 HKD

Soup for 35 HKD ( I really like the CREAM OF TOMATO soup, they also carry MINESTRONE, TUSCAN BEAN & PASTA, CARROT & CORIANDER)

Cold and hot sandwiches from  38 HKD (the meatball one was delicious)

Hot and cold wraps from 41 HKD


Goji gym

The gym i frequent has a very good selection of meals under a certian amount of calories. They have set meals where you can choose your choice of meat


My favorite is the signature set with the pork,soba noodles, and the shredded chicken salad.


Signature set comes with a protein, base, and 2 sides with a daily salad for 78HKD.

Bowls for 78HKD

 Sandwiches 38HKD

Wraps 48HKD

Yoghurt 28HKD

Chia Pudding from 28HKD

Muffins 18HKD


This is a big supermarket / department store located in Whampoa. The building is the shape of a boat you can't miss it. You need to go to the lowest level to get to the supermarket, it is quite huge. There is an area for cooked packaged food which are good for lunch or take away dinners, and they have Wednesday specials for only a whopping 15HKD with decent portions. My favorite Wednesday special is the fried pork curry and rice, it is quite filling. There are also stalls inside the supermarket that sell different types of food from Japanese to Korean.



This is similar to AEON where it is a supermarket also, but has very wide variety of things to buy that you cant usually find in the normal supermarkets in Hong Kong. I've tried to find western veggies in them but all they have are Asian ones which I don't know how it will taste. Here I have found decent prices for a lot of things like fruits and veggies. Below is something I made from the things I bought there.




I like the chicken salad.

In a pinch McDonalds salads will do if you are just that hungry. You may not be able to find good healthy eats last minute, so there's always McDonalds the have pretty good salads for around 24 HKD.